Thursday, March 5, 2009

It seems like there is more bad news every time one of us comes here to up date. This time it's not too bad.

We were out of the country for a while tending to business and last requests. There was a not so last minute change to the place we went to scatter Michael's ashes. James thought that instead of just spreading them at sea, we should actually go scuba diving and placed them in a specific spot.

Well, that's what we did, and James managed to get an ear infection as a result of the dive. He is still sick and says it's Michael's way of getting back at him for changing the plans a little. Good thing it is one of Michael's favorite spots or James would have gotten shellfish poisoning or something else like that.

That explains some of the time with no updates. We still have not decided what to do with the blog, it is something that we have kind of avoided to be honest. When James is up and about and feeling well we will be discussing what to do. We want to let you know how much it has meant to us that you have continued checking in to find out what has been happening. In doing so you have, in a way, blessed us and honor Michael's memory. Without having meet him in person you still became his friends.

Blessings be upon you and may you always walk with sun in your hearts.



becomingkate said...

Hi Gayle, it's nice to meet you.
I have been checking in, because in a way Micheal reminds me of my late husband. I am so soft-hearted for people with depression or addictions.
Anyway, thank you so much for keeping us updated. The idea regarding Micheal's ashes is nice. When my husband passed away I had a friend take some of his ashes to Japan, as he was a karate instructor.
Best wishes to James and I hope he recovers quickly!

Dorrie said...

I am still so sad about it all. I hope James feels better soon. Thank you for updating us, Gayle!

Doug said...

I'm sure Mike would go along with the change.
Thanks for the news, Gayle, and I hope James is up and around very soon.

ctmedz said...

I had to come by to see if anything was posted about Mike. Im elated that he was finally put in his peaceful part of the world. Michael was very lucky to have friends like you~~I know when I see his blog, I always want to say hello so I really dont think Ive gotten use to him truly gone. Thank you for helping all of us cope with his means the world to us.

Also, send James a big Get Well~~
Thank you and take care

I hope you decide to stick around~~


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